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Pyramid, Amed, Bali

I did this video during a dive with my friend Lio. We just arrived at the first group of Pyramid. On the way, we found many small animals in the sand, among which a boxing shrimp...

It was some current but it was possible to go against it.



In front of the Warung Bobo and Pyramid Pizza

Water entry


Easy Sandy Beach, when you look to the see, the pyramids are on the right side, going from West to East. Go south if you want to go to the beach.



The dive site is a mild slope where you can find three succession of artifical reefs looking as pyramid. The first group of pyramids start at 15m and finish at 25m. Right next to them, you have a gorgeous reef. Then, you have the next dive site : Pyramid wall.



It may be some heavy current and you have to be careful with some poisonous fishes like the Stone Fish


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