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Nagili Thilas

Nagili Thilas

N 5° 28.319 - - E 72° 57.255

From 8 to 30+

Succession of four thilas next to Dhigali Island. They are roughly 150 meters away from the house reef. The western one is quite small but very impressive. Then distance between this one and the second one is 70 meters. The middle thila has an impressive cavern on the west and then, going to the east you can find a succession of overhangs and swimming thru. On the east side of this thila, you will find a rope going to an intermediate round thila, and then another rope to the house reef. Or you can go to another thila located on the south east side.


The coral is in pretty good shape. On the western thila, you can see some Sea fans.

Marine Life

The batfishes are very present on the deepest thila (west). Along the thilas, you will find the usual fishes from Maldives.


Beware of the boats around : this place is very busy. If the current is strong, reach the house reef heading north and finish you dive there. SMB is mandatory there.

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