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N 5° 29.446 - - E 73° 2.695

From 5 to 30+

Big "tongue" going from Neyo island to the North-east with many cleaning stations, we usually see mantas from july to november on the north side of this site. The main cleaning station is 14m deep. If you go deeper east side, you will find many small overhangs from 20m. On the south side, you have medium overhangs with some corals.


Coral is very poor there. You can only find some stamp corals. At the end of the "tongue" at 20m, you can find table coral.

Marine Life

Let's be clear : this place is mainly to see mantas, but if you follow the "tongue" you can see a school of red snapper. You can also spot many white spotted murens there.


Easy place but like in everywhere in the Maldives, be careful with the current.

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