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Sola Corner

Sola Corner

N 5° 29.489 - - E 72° 49.987

From 5 to 30+

Located outside west side of Raa Atoll, this reef features a couple of cleaning stations for Manta Rays at a depth of around 12-15 meters. The reef starts 5m deep and drops down to a depth of 15m where we find the cleaning stations.


The coral is very poor from 5 to 15m, but surprisingly good from 15 to 30m.

Marine Life

Mantas are usually visible from December to April, but you can also spot a large variety of other animals like Napoleon fishes and sharks.


Be careful not to go on the top of the cleaning stations if you want to see mantasAlso lot of people are there to see mantas and going out of the water can be dangerous because of the amount of boats around.

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