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Beriyan Thilas

N 5° 25.134 - - E 73° 0.306

This dive site have two thilas : One big, very easy to find and one small with a 15m top. The distance between them is 50 meters. On the west side of the thila you will discover some beatifulcaves and overhangs. As well, you will find lot of small caves and overhangs on the small thila.

Beriyan Thilas
From 5 to 30+

Sharks, Overhangs, Beautiful Coral

Marine Life

This is a place where we can see sharks from the north to the south. You can also spot some eagle rays and thunas. Schools of fishes are easy to see and also some curious Bat fishes who will follow you.


The coral is in very good shape on the small thila and on the side of the big thila. Unfortunately, the top of the big thila is wasted


Be aware of the current who can really be strong and changing. Most of the time it is coming from North West. If you have beginners, stay on the protected side of the main thila. Visibility can be poor also.

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