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Kotafaru Wall

N 5° 30.276 - - E 73° 2.689

Easy Wall suitable for all the levels, it start with a 5m plateau where you can find turtle on the north and south side. Going down to 12 meters, we can found schools of fishes among which fusiliers and moorish idols. Than below, you have many overhangs with hidden corals and groupers. WARNING ! If the current is very strong, you can experience down currents and washing machines.

Kotafaru Wall
From 3 to 30+

Caves, School of fishes, Wall

Marine Life

On the top of the wall, we can easily see turtles at 5m. On each edge, we can spot sharks, jackfish and thunas. During summer time, it is possible to see mantas.


The coral is rare and not so healthy. On the north side of the wall, you have soft orange coral.


The wall in this place is very vertical and finish at more than 40m. Be sure that your group have good buoyancy. Also, it can be big surge. During Winter time, incoming currents can be really strong and descending. With those conditions, avoid dives there.