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Kottafaru Thila

N 5° 30.518 - - E 73° 1.929

Medium Thila oriented West-East with several blocks around the thila. Far outside, you can also spot some blocks at 35m deep. The north and south side of the thila have little walls with overhangs and caverns.It is located on the east side of Kotafaru Island.

Kottafaru Thila
From 7 to 30+

Anemones, Sharks, Mantas

Marine Life

Mantas are visible from August to October on the two North-east blocks as it is a cleaning station. With a moderate current you can see Sharks and jack fish hunting on the east or west side of the corner. Big schools of fusilier swimming against the current.


You can find a great variety of corals inside the overhangs at 20m, all around the thila. Coral is in good shape, but the top is mainly destroyed. Despite that, you can find a huge amount of anemones on the top and all around the Thila.


Current can be strong. If you are with beginners, you stay on the protected side and don't try to go against the current.