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Kuroshi Giri

N 5° 30.414 - - E 72° 51.718

Huge Giri with three small thilas on the west side. The side of the Giri is full of caverns and overhangs. The thilas are quite deep. The distance to reach them from the Giri is 40 meters.

Kuroshi Giri
From 3 to 30+

Caves, Overhangs, Corals

Marine Life

Some fishes on the thila and if you are lucky, you can spot a shark following you or some eagle rays.


Coral on the thilas is exceptionaly beautiful : you can see mullticolor soft coral. On the side of the Giri, the coral is less important.


Usually, we do this dive when the current in Labyrinth is too strong. Despite that, it can be difficult to fight against the current on the thilas