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N 5° 30.446 - - E 72° 51.045

Huge Thila who broke apart into many big blocks; little channels have been created, among which a canyon in "L". While the northern side is a bit shallower and hits the sandy bottom at about 22-25m down, the south side hits the bottom at between 25-28m.

From 14 to 30+

School of fishes, Corals, Swimming thru

Marine Life

You can see a very large amount of fishes there including shark and rays. The school of fishes are impressive.


The coral is very healthy and in very good shape around and on the top of the thila.


If the current is too strong, it doesn't worth to dive there : you will be stuck on one side of the thila and worse : you may destroy the coral if you are not use to dive in the current

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