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Vandhoo Wall

N 5° 31.683 - - E 73° 2.873

Small Wall with a 5m top full of blocks and coral. The plateau go from 5 to 12m. Between 15m and 30m you have a wall with a lot of caves and overhangs.

Vandhoo Wall
From 5 to 30+

Wall, Overhang, school of fishes, Mantas in summer

Marine Life

On the edge, between 8 and 12m it is not unusual to see school of mooray idol and fusiliers. The jackfish will be around them. Sometimes, you can find some turtles on the south and the north part. During the summer time, you can spot mantas ray along the wall, and if you are really lucky, you can see school of them during september and october time.


You can find some coral along the wall and on the top of the reef, but it is not impressive


Incoming current can be very strong with washing machine. Avoid diving there if the current is too strong